Poll: Do you feel more "off" when you aren't delusional?

Something I find about my delusions is I feel more intuitive and connected to the
truth when I believe in them. When I start more so thinking I’m
psychotic and schizophrenic, I actually feel less sharp and in touch
with reality. My delusions just feel intuitively true to me and I feel
more “right” when I believe in them, versus “off in the head” when I

Do you feel more “off” when you aren’t delusional?

  • Yes
  • No

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Is this normal? Does anyone else feel this way? Or, is it more like,
when you become undelusional you just feel less insane and more right in
the head - like, “I’m finally seeing straight”?

What is it like for you when you’re delusional vs. undelusional?

I agree with you 100% I feel much more intuitive and righteous when sick… funny how life works out. I experience intense emotions.

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Thanks for the response! Follow-up question: for me, I shift between delusional and undelusional depending on how I’m wired to perceive the world, sort of. Like, sometimes my perception of everything just shifts into a different mode and I start feeling like my delusions are unrealistic, but at the same time, I also feel less intuitive and in touch about everything in general. Is it like that for you? Or something else?

yeah… kind of sucks actually… I’m not used to a normal life experience at all… just makes me ponder about the psychosis when it sets in and which eventually brings belief in my symptoms back… strange bs…

When I am delusional, I feel sound socially but chaotic mentally.

When I am not delusional, I am awkward and feel outcast socially but sound mentally.