Poll= do you feel discriminating in public due to your illness?

  • Yes i feel discriminating due to my illness
  • No everybody is fair to me

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Well, nobody in public knows about my mental illness. So, I didn’t vote.

Only doctors and my immediate family know about my mental illness.


İ feel people hostile to me in public but its most likely paranoia i guess

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Yes you are right but what i mean by public i was tend to say that your working environment etc.the people not your friends but people know your conditions.this could be online forums also.

I don’t feel discriminated most of the time cause no one know I’m schizo.

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I feel it because I am forced to hide myself from other people. So there is a hidden discrimination in that there is an unwritten rule that any mental pain, keep it to yourself, nobody cares

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I feel like I’m half conscious, so when I step outside, I avoid people at all costs.

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