Poll " did your life quality improved with medicines"

  • Yes it impoved very much
  • İt improved but not as i want it
  • No it doesn t improved at all

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I may be out of the hospital, but I have so many other health problems from the meds its hard to say if anything improved.

This is not only reason for me.medicine also protecting from me prison and weird paranonias that impossible to keep up life with.

Yes life improved was a living nightmare before

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I’m less religious and weird so I think the meds help me. But they don’t make the Navy SEALs leave me alone

I would have done crimes and/or killed myself without meds.

Well no I used to exercise Although I have a beer gut but I’m not that fat I’m 6’2 210 i was overmedicated for like 8 years Now I’m fine also but the big thing with me is the meds make people more submissive and when I was on two antipsychotics I got raped by some creepy guy although I’m not even gay I just hAd no assertiveness I’m much better now but it still upsets me to this day. But a lot of problems had to do with the illness too although I’m not a big fan of psychiatrists to this day I was on ability at one point and gambled every single dollar I made. The doctor AND his nurse both were very rude about my gambling and said there’s no way it could be the ability I lost over 100 k I should have sued but I called a lawyer and they said they weren’t interested in my case and I had no proof either. Sucks but meds calm me down and I’m so grateful they cut it down to just one antipsychotic I was sleeping tired and my mouth would hang open it was a nightmare. Now I’m amazing compared to how it used to be. You gotta be careful with psychiatrists they don’t have the illness although my psychiatrist now is amazing.

I hope all you guys here find a med and dose that works well and doesn’t make things worse. But you have to talk to your doctor and be careful what you say because they are like trigger happy cops they will prescribe more and more if you let them

Dose should be the minimum dose that you can still function on. It got out of hand with me. But I’m definitely not anti med

Yes, off meds I wasn’t able to sleep at night or leave my home; but I still have other problems that the meds don’t help with.

I just go with it. I need them.

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