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I chose to stop dating back in 2016, because I knew I was in a bad place mentally; I stopped pursuing women. I’m getting to the point now where I think I’m pretty much doing okay, just need to get myself a decent side job so I can afford to take a woman to dinner, etc.

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  • I choose not to date
  • I don’t date, but not by my choice
  • I date
  • I am in a committed relationship
  • It’s none of your damn business, freakonaleash

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2 years ago I ended a terrible relationship. I just can’t ever trust anyone again. I am happy being asexual.


I kinda gave up looking for someone a long time ago.

But if I meet someone I get along with I’m open-minded.

I just plan on being open about my sz.


I will be ready to date in a year or so, hopefully. Right now I’m fat and unattractive sadly. Oh and no job…
But i yearn for a man, it’s just i don’t do anything to get one.

How do you date anyway. I’ve never been on a date and never been in a relationship.

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Well, most of the women I’ve dated have come from a dating site, Match. We start off chatting, then if things go well I ask her for her number, then text, then ask her out to dinner, and take it from there.

Im generally only attracted to straight men so I have a little issue in this department.

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I not ready to date I gave up years ago
But maybe in the future i might be able to

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Been married longer than I’ve been single.
Sure glad I don’t have to deal with the dating scene, and hope I never have to.
It’s a scary world out there.

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Yeah money is an issue. I live on a pension with my parents and I like my life. I’ve been married. I liked that too but it’s not like I’m missing out on anything to me anyways.

If you haven’t had a decent relationship then do it! You really do in your life!

For me. It just doesn’t work now. Not to say something might happen in the future!

I have several issues that keep me from dating. One is my sexual dysfunction, another is my excessive sleepiness, another is I am a little bit over weight and another is that I don’t have a job. I’m going to get a gym membership tomorrow, I’m also still going to try to quit smoking and I’m going down on my meds(which will hopefully help my sexual issues). I’m also very serious about finding a job and potentially doing more semesters at school to increase earning potential. In time hopefully I’ll be able to find a girlfriend. Even if she is asexual

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I do date but right now I’m working on managing symptoms and weight and these are the only reasons why I’m not looking more…

I don’t date because I haven’t had any interest in anyone in over a year. I think the meds make me asexual/aromantic. I just don’t feel the need for companionship.

I’m trying to make peace with this these days. I am in a good relationship with a good person. It’s not the best but I don’t think to leave will be better for me.

  1. I can’t have kids
  2. I am vulnerable
  3. No support
  4. I can’t work or function like a normal person

Even though there are guys who are interested, I am just not motivated to change my life. I have a good life. I will die complaining about it though.


Honey what meds you on now? You seem more peaceful.

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I only am interested in one person romantically and she’s not interested anymore.

Geodon low split dose. Which is what is working I guess
Wellbutrin 150 mg
Lexapro 10 mg

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I take Wellbutrin SR 100mg twice a day.

I don’t think I would have any motivation without it.

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Yeah I stopped it for a month and went downhill. Got back on it.

I’ve done that before. You really can tell when you stop taking it… not so much when you take it for awhile. But when your off it, your like ■■■■ I have no motivation.

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This one woman, who I am “in love with”, is now sending me mixed signals and is telling me that she “loves” me, so, now I don’t know what to think. This girl is going to be the death of me I am sure.