<<<(~[][][]~POLL~[][][]~Choose Your Door~[][][]~POLL~[][][]~)>>>


With So Many Choices, How Does One Choose The Correct Door?.

What Determines Your Choice To Be Wrong Or Right?.

Afterall, It Is Your Personal Sphere Of Existence. Your Experience, Only You Feel The Sensations of Your Inner/Outer Layers Taking Flight.

Out of Mind, Out Of Sight.

Or Is It The Other Way Around?.

Choose, It’s Up To You!?!.
  • Door 1?.
  • Door 2?.
  • Door 3?.
  • Door 4?.
  • Door 5?.
  • Door 6?.
  • Door 7?.
  • Door 8?.
  • Door 9?.
  • Door 10?.
  • Door 11?.
  • Door 12?.

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