Poll: Can you hold conversations with your voices

  • Yes
  • No, they are random
  • I have schizophrenia, but don’t hear voices

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I voted for ‘have schizophrenia, don’t hear voices’

Yes. I listen to them very carefully to understand what they are saying and how my psychotic parts are controlled by them so that I can detach from those parts. And then I tell them, “Thank you for sharing.”

Yes, i can, don’t want to though.

They can also physically harm me and have done so three times now, by shocking me, burning me, and bending my spine back ward with physical force.

They can also cause nde’s and dream disturbances.

They keep showing me the goddamn future to. It’s so wierd when you get to a point and it all for a few moments was previously foreseen. Turns out you can chart the entire globe from beginning to finish, it’s all set in stone due to cause and effect. It’s a very strange feeling this thing they do.

They can also appear to me whatsoever way they choose.

They make me look at the clocks at the same times repeatedly to. Many external things happening repeatedly.

They can know things to. Things that i can’t know.

Think maybe they’re just different compartments of your own overall consciousness?

Nope, not at all. Not with all of the other stuff that has happened to me.

It was a very clear voice telling me the cards on a game i couldn’t see and had no way of seeing, where to find things when i didn’t know where they were, all kinds of stuff.

This spine thing i talk about, it was very real and quite scary, that sure as ■■■■ wasn’t my own overal consciousness. Something is with me and it states clearly it is going to kill me and already is really.

And dude, the ufo was kind of a huge clue i wasn’t alone. I’ve got wierd ■■■■ flying around at night other than that to. You really should have seen that thing, very very very close and right above us.

I love ya, pans; I really do. But this IS the disease talking here.

Yeah, thats what they call it, a disease.

Technically it is my problem talking, not a disease though.

Mostly random. Or rather they don’t give a crap when I tell them something, like shutting up. But I can suddenly realize I’ve been talking to my voices instead of interacting with my surroundings.

I chose I don’t hear voices.

Voices are random these days, but when I was in high school I could hold a conversation with them and even see them sometimes. They were very friendly most of the time and helped me a lot for a while, but that didn’t last. They were from another dimension and possessing part of me as a way of coming to our world, but something went wrong and evil ones started to come through. Finally one of them attacked me and raped me. Somehow after that they went away. Now I just hear people shouting my name in the distance or the other room or someone will say something and when I turn around they won’t be there. I think it’s been going away though, which is good.

When I’m not doing well… yes… I’ll end up talking to them.

In most cases I try to reaffirm that the negative voices are wrong… and the random voices are in fact random and just let them pass.