Poll: are you younger or older than your real age, inside?

  • About the same
  • older
  • younger
  • both

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I still refuse to believe I’m almost 30. I still feel like a goofy college kid dreaming of what I want to be when I grow up.


omg you’re so young

That’s what I keep saying, but all my 18 year old classmates disagree.

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I say I’m about the same because I like hanging around the elderly. I love the elderly. Always have my whole life. Even as a young woman I always worked with the elderly as a nurse. I live with the very old today even though I am only middle aged. I am 57 years old and the average age of the people I live with is 83, if that tells you anything. And I don’t feel out of place.

I’m 39 but people always believe that I’m 30 and I feel like I’m about 20.


I love 80’s…80 year old people that is, always have. Something about that age that agree’s with me. Hard to believe my mom is 81 years old. I like spending time with her.

I’m 28 but I feel like 18. Mostly, because I am a shy person.