POLL: Are you in regular contact with forum members outside of the forum?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m not that popular. If someone is in contact with me off a forum then it’s usually short lived. Dugal was the last member from sz.com I had regular off forum contact with.

Did you get your computer all fixed up, @firemonkey?

Not yet Patrick. I found one place that would take the computer away to clean it but posters elsewhere said that could be done by someone coming to my flat. After finding 4 websites for local computer repair people that turned out to be dead I did manage to find a company that provides a nation wide service. I just have to email them back and arrange an appointment. I’ll do that after I have had my depot on Thursday so I can guarantee I’ll be in for the appointment.
Ideally I’d like to do away with the desktop and just use the laptop but currently the laptop connects to the internet via the router connected to the desktop. I have yet to find a way of connecting the laptop to the internet without using the desktop’s router, apart from using a dongle which isn’t sufficient for my needs due to the limited bandwidth/usage available.

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