Poll: Are you creative?

Wondering about creativity.

  • Very
  • Quite
  • Average
  • A little
  • Not at all

I clicked on to Very - my issue is low motivation. High creativity and low motivation does not mix so well together

Somewhat but I’ve got to be in a creative mood though.

I clicked on ‘a little’ . At one point i would have said ‘quite’ but the creativity seems to have diminished over time.

I don’t know if I am creative. I used to write poetry in Chinese. My supervisor said that I was highly innovative when doing my PhD project. I guess innovative is not far from creative. So I might be at average level.


Depends on the venue… Show me a blank canvas… and my mind will become as blank as the canvas.

Show me a lump of clay… and I can show you what I’m seeing.

A blank patch of dirt… I can see a garden.

My sis can look at a chipped shot glass and some old cloth and turn them both into something cool and pretty. But show her a patch of dirt and she’ll have no idea where to begin.

Show her some clay… and she’ll have a lump of clay in a different lumpy shape.

But she can draw and paint.

I think creativity comes in different venues and forms.

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I used to be quite good with words whereas my brother and sister are good at drawing and painting.


I have won a few awards for my writing, and I hope to improve - to get to the next level.


I am good at drawing and painting, also a little bit with writing. I was a semi-finalist for Paramount’s Chesterfield screenplay competition. Right now I am working on a book of poems. At first they came out of me at incredible speed. Now they’re slowing down. I have 22 poems so far. I hope to be able to come up with a whole book. Hopefully, if they keep coming to me here and there, in a year or two I will have a whole book of poems. Then it is off to finding an agent.

PS I picked “very” creative in the poll.

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Quite creative - but the low motivation killed it off a little. I used to paint and draw, also writing poetry and general writing. Every now and then when the spark comes back I use whatever creativity is there and do something. Most of my poems I write when I am ill, though. I think the emotions come out better when I am in anguish. So I can say the SZ hasn’t killed of the poetry at least!

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I would have to say quite creative that gets numbed by this disease from time to time. Other times it is my respite.

i put average as i write a bit of poetry and although at first i started writing about my negative experiences it developed and i try to write more positive poems now in a range of subjects, tbh i can probably write about anything and make it sound good now :smile:

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I picked very creative. I consider my ideas to be part of it. I don’t know if that counts. I might pick up ceramics again.

I do writing so it is some kind of creativity from my side. I like writing short stories focusing on the subjects which many people often overlook.

@crimby What is your theme of writing e.g. fiction, humour, horror, psychology, social issues etc.? By the way I mainly write on issues in a society and sometimes on psychological concepts as well.

Drawing, painting, writing, poetry, songs, building my own unique house, landscaping with rock, wood, and plants in artistic ways, native crafts with deer hide, beads and feathers…
creating a water chute with 3 small rock dams and spillways in the river the past 2 days so we could do laundry in the flow…

Not at all… j/k

I checked Very…

here’s some of the deerhide bags I made…


I picked very creative. I have been always interested in drawing, model building, painting, musical instruments and such. I am an author also.

I used to be very creative (sell my own abstract paintings, etc.), but now I’m just a little creative, due to my meds I think. I’m on Divalproex DR, Quetiapine, Zolpidem, Invega and Abilify.

I think very, I can create stories and full background information on characters, all on my own…but I’m not so good at finishing them…not creative when it comes to things like art but very creative story telling.

I put very. It’s the way my mind is wired. It’s all I’m good for. It’s where I get my self-worth. Zyprexa seems to help.
Things all in the mind - writing, conversation, making up songs. I wrote this today:

In the shade of a
Holly, I pop a nico:
Always these same roads.

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I write fiction and poetry. My fiction covers a variety of issues. I usually wait until I get an idea, and then I write about it. Every once in while I will write an essay about an issue in our society, but not often.