Poll: Anybody Tried The Ketogenic Diet? Did It Work?

That’s probably a good indicator lol

Carbohydrates, proteins & fats are the basic needs of almost every animal on this planet.

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There are also vitamins and minerals to take into account for humans as well.

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He died from a head injury

Point is. He still wasn’t healthy. He still had heart attacks and he had blood clots in his brain because of the excess cholesterol he probably got from meat.

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We are versatile, our brains can use ketone bodies.

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I tried atkins about 10 years ago and I lost a lot of weight on it. But it’s just not sustainable. Also I put the weight back on after I came off it.

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Maybe I’m strange but I’d rather continue treatment for a while longer than have to adhere to a diet.

I saw a great doco the other night. To sum it all up - the fatness or muscle aspects of your body simply reflect what it is used for everyday. Theres so much media about food being the biggest component - but i look around at the people in my own close social circle and i know that what they do for their job determines their body shape. Its obvious when you take a moment to look around. If you sit at a pc for work or sit at home watching tv we are gonna be fat. I personally know farmers and tradies, and i also know people who are not physically active everyday. Their bodies are a direct result of what they get it to do everyday.
Just as a side note, there are other situations where this rule doesnt apply where inactive people can still be skinny - ie if you are suffering from alcohol addiction or have Bulimia. So just remember when looking at others that daily activity creating body shape accordingly probably applies generally not to everyones life situation i think.
The show basically said if you want to change your body shape for image, food diets wont create a lifetime lasting effect, however focusing on and maintaining a basic level of Fitness would maintain a body shape.
It seemed really obvious once i heard it.

If you want muscles to show, use them everyday - a lot.
If you want a toned smooth body, do gentle exercise , and lots of it, but not enough to stress or strain it to build more muscle.
If you want to become the next biggest loser, do a little more activity every month than you did this month, your body shape will respond automatically to what it is being used for.

It doesnt really seem like rocket science to me anymore.

If you want a swimmers physique, get a swimmers fitness level, if you want an aerobics instructors body - hello - become an aerobic instructor (aerobics - can you tell im from the 80’s ? :smile: nd )
Now it seems all the fad diets and all the lies about it being 80% all about food are just campaigns to get us to think about food more and more and buy more diet products and food.

I can see why theres been a western epidemic of obesity since the 80’s - those PC inventors now glorified in movies did a number on us all by getting us all to sit down at a pc all day everyday.

theres our obesity solution right there !

Throw away the internet…

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It’s both activity level and diet, yet neither activity level or diet.

I see where you’re coming from. Americans are actually very active and more so than other countries. We are seen as hard workers and my Dad belongs to that category as well, yet he still has a Dad bod. Diet also affects your mood and hormones that then reflect your will power. Yet in certain situations, you don’t need the right kinds of food to be motivated such as when you are starving and your testosterone boosts to get out there and find some food.

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