Poll: Anybody Tried The Ketogenic Diet? Did It Work?

  • Yes it worked for me.
  • No it did not work for me.

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Never tried a Ketogenic Diet. I would think the “calories in” vs. “calories out” concept would be true.

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It is true. But I am being told that the ketogenic diet is also true. However they did not link sources and the reply they gave me was more of a welcome to our family type of response.

Link the sources to the Ketogenic Diet? As in results of the diet by others or how to actually do the diet?

I’ve only gathered anecdotal evidence so far. However I could come up with what the diet consists of if given some time.

Are you looking to lose weight, or treat your psychosis? There is no evidence that a ketogenic diet helps psychosis. It can help people with seizure disorders, if they are very strict about sticking to it.

No I am merely gathering information in reference to another conversation.

Actually I can’t find any reliable sources for quality information on such a subject. Sorry…

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I knew a guy who was on the keto diet for seizures. He used to be on 20 pills a day, and was able to cut down to 3.

My phone autocorrected keto to jerk. Awkward…


i didn’t see it lol

This is all I found

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I know some people swear up and down by things for one reason or another regardless if they are true or not. I’ve met one such a guy who swore up and down that the vegan diet was not absent of any nutrients…and now we all know how that turns out.

I had selene go on the ketogenic diet and while I was suspended over the summer I read that she had negligible outcomes.

It works but doctors don’t think it is safe to keep for years.

I tried the Atkins diet, which is like a ketogenic diet. Sure I lost weight. But, I gained it all back and more when I stopped the diet. You can’t maintain a ketogenic diet over the long term. Very unhealthy.

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The Atkins guy also died from a heart attack. There is debate over whether or not it was because of the diet he promoted, but it sure didn’t stop it.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if died from his own diet.

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Carbs create blood glucose (blood sugar) that is required to fuel parts of the body like the brain. Brain requires blood sugar to function. Also a reason why they still have a middle ground for blood glucose levels…


I know that. That’s why I don’t doubt if my brain was a little fuzzy on the Atkins diet. But, really, I don’t remember.