POLL: adaptogenic&stimulant herbs for negative symptoms

In order to lower negative symptoms, I’ve tried some adaptogenic and stimulant herbs with mitigated results. These herbs are:
-Eleuthero root

According to your tests and experiences, do you think adaptogenic&stimulant herbs can

  • improve the situation
  • worsen the situation

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I took ginko biloba and eventually became very hypomanic.

haven’t tried any of those…!!!
What with you…Does it helped U…???

I’ve tried ginseng, eleuthero and guarana. For both of them, the few months treatment ends with 15 days of working cessation due to deterioration of mental health.

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I found that out too - probably why I am on a giddiness high - I have been taking gingko biloba to help with the td and cognitive issues I am having. I should cut back on it, but it does help me cognitively and with the td.

Sucks you have td, I’m sorry.

It’s not to bad thanks to the gingko - just a little noticeable around the mouth if you look. But when I get stressed, I become a walking spasmoid that can’t walk.

taking ginseng at the moment, looking to add schisandra

I take Suma Root which is an adaptogenic herb and it nearly miraculously cured me a of a speech problem that I have, it also helps me with my blood sugar. It can be found at Vitamin World.

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Ashwaganda works for me and it calms anxiety. I had bad luck with ginseng.