Political correctness ruining the vibe

I watched Dumb&dumber with my friend and Luka the other night. Laugh so hard I cried. Lol :smiley: and Luka saw another dimension of human interactions haha…he was very happy and liked the movie
I thought how they don’t make such movies any more. Something has changed…and I blamed it to political correctness. Damn it you can even make a joke now without insulting 0,01% of the population that found themselves hurt by your attitude.
@Patrick where are you dude ?

Anyways, tbt to never forgotten Jim Carey and that other dude whom I forgot the name.


Robotnik had one hell of an insult here for a children’s show. I bet the episode has been banned from TV now. EDIT: To put it into context, he’s talking to his cousin who’s obsessed with fish.

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political correctness is just another form of chains placed on freedom of speech to keep all the duckies in line.

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I think all this social justice worker fad ■■■■ is going to die down by 2026 at the latest. Just like how gangster rap culture died off as a fad after about 10 years. Unfortunately, the SJW crap will probably leave irrevocable damage like the gangster rap did.

Open-minded claims followed by closed-minded actions is what really gets me

and political correctness

I once heard this woman say, “I don’t believe in violence, and anybody who does ought to be shot down like a dirty dog.” God save us from that kind of political correctness.


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