Political correctiveness gone mad

whats wrong with the way i say things anyway?

i was annoyed today because i was told i’ve been rubbing people up the wrong way :frowning:

apparently i said something wrong as well

political correctiveness gone mad (as they say)

but its alright when they do it isnt it, no-one says anything about that.

my sister described her pets behaviour as ‘schizo’ (obviously meant mad, bonkers, unpredictable and maybe some other things) but i know that she wasn’t saying it to be nasty as she knows i am schizo and she was saying it in a playful kinda jokey way. it can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what it is about.

it was just really unfair today, i wouldnt hurt a fly you know, i just say it like it is and sometimes the truth hurts apparently, my teacher said i lacked empathy and that i wasnt thinking about others feelings and he said he was going to report me :frowning:

i still dont think i did anything wrong its political correctiveness gone mad

What did you say that he thought was wrong?

idk i’m just going to keep my mouth shut from now on

Nah man fireback. Don’t be humble if you don’t want to. Forget what your teacher said. Sounds like he was trying to hurt your feelings.

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You are a lot madder than your average schizo, your a regular church goer, think gods your best friend and have an alter ego called the son of god as we seen on the last forum which you admitted too, those were some real crazy posts.

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schizophrenia is my alter ego,

my jekyll to the hyde

my Nemesis

and God is my saving grace,

I am so sorry to hear about this. Lack of empathy is one of our symptoms. I don’t know how “out of the closet” you are about your head circus, but I am personally pretty open about mine. (I admit it, I sort of use it to scare people off) If someone said that to me I’d most likely start to play…

I could see my irritated self saying something to the effect of… “You don’t know this but… I am battling a mental illness, I’m even on medication for it, the fact that you’re going to report me for a symptom that I have no control over is pretty un-empathetic of you.” I’d try and say it nicely. But I could see myself getting that out.

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yeah i know what you mean SurprisedJ, there was so much i could have said about it that he would have been blown away,

but my reaction was to say that i didn’t mean to offend anyone and that was not my intention so i was kind of trying to say sorry in a way but i also said i hadnt done anything wrong and i was laughing about it and i said its not my fault if someone take what i say the wrong way and i said i an usually very careful about what i say but he said because idk what i had done and didnt think i did anything wrong that i wasnt thinking about their point of view,

tbh the teacher talks about much worse things than me and i wonder if he has any empathy as well, some of the subjects he gets us to talk about are specifically meant to get a reaction and i mean what does he expect? my friend has advised me to watch what i say and i’m like ‘thats just the way i am’ i cant help it if people dont like what i say or the way i say things.

they dont really know me anyway, if they really knew me then they would know i wasnt trying to offend.

he is going to report me to the only person in the college that know i have a mental illness and what it is (i wonder how good that will look on my cv) lol :cold_sweat:

If you don’t mind me asking, what class is this?

But they don’t have empathy either, perhaps it’s just a human condition and not a symptom of our disease.

I mean look at them, empathy, i think not they have it.

sociology is the class, we were discussing symbolic interationism i think and symbols.

Sociology seems to be a hot bed of people just looking for something to be offended by. I am so sorry you have to take these classes. How one sees a symbol and reacts to it is very personal. So your being graded on a personal reaction? That is too subjective. Glad I’m in math. There is no subjective in math. a x b=c and that is that.

Symbols have been taken and used and have had so much baggage pinned on them that soon they loose all original intent.

Like the cave drawing of some of the bulls, and then people come 1,000’s of years later and suppose that it’s a totem animal and a sacred thing and then more people come and say it’s a pagan worship and then more people take the old cave drawing of the bull and attach more stuff to it about culture…

But back in the days before fire… the cave drawing could have just been… “warning, cow crossing beware of :cow2: :poop::wink:

I hope you can go to a third party and get this straightened out. It seems like it’s becoming a popularity contest and not a learning environment.

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that was funny :laughing: haha made me laugh

seriously tho after i got dogs abuse from half the class i was really pissed off. i couldn’t think properly, things were screaming around in my head, i was angry, upset and confused, and then they were talking about me and i heard them whispering and saying shhh when i walked in, it was ■■■■■■■■ alright :shit:
so i just tried to ignore it,

and its still upsetting me, because i am paranoid that he knows that i am sz or he might find out and bring it up in class :frowning: (that would be so fkd up) if people found out they would hate me even more and i know this for a fact. nobody would understand and it would be a big shock for them.

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I think that would be more then Effed up, I think that would legally be harassment and you would have a discrimination case.

I have to be careful around white collar people to not be cynical because they will take it the wrong way. Which gets annoying having to think if what I’m going to say will be taken the wrong way. The odd thing is everyone gets cynical jokes from TV shows or comedians. But in conversation they take everything too serious.