Polish Poem

From my favorite film, Inland Empire:

I sing this poem to you.
On the other side, I see.
Shall you wait, glowing?
It’s far away, far away from me.
I can see that… I can see that…

The wind blows outside and I have no breath,
I breathe again and know I’ll have to live.
To forget my world is ending, I have to live.
I hear my heart beat, fluttering in pain, saying something,
tears are coming to my eyes,
I cry…I cry…

I cannot feel the warmth of the sun,
I cannot hear the laughter,
choking with every thought.
I see the faces, my hands are tied as I wish,
no one comes… no one comes…

Where are you? Where are you?
What will make me want to live? What will make me want to love?
Tell me…tell me…

I sing this poem to you, to you.
Is this mystery unfolding as a wind floating?
Something is coming true, the dream of an innocent child.

Something is happening, something is happening…


Hmm, lonely hearts club.

This is too sad. :frowning:
So beautiful.

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