Police ride to ER

My son want on a bike ride tonight. He is depressed and felt really horrible. At 2:30 AM the police call me and say they have been talking to him for almost an hour. He called the police because he wanted someone to talk to in the middle of the night. They drove him to ER. I have slept only 3 hours tonight. I hope it won’t make me worse. Could not fall asleep when we got home. He did not have to sleep over in the ER.

Now we made up rules about not leaving the house after 11 PM. If he can’t sleep he got a list of stuff to do instead and the phone number to ER. He was welcome to call any time he needs. They are so nice there.


how old is your son? I’m really happy he called someone, instead of acting out on depression. I’ve been there and it sucks. :frowning: I’m sure I speak for many of us here…
sending good vibes your way! :yellow_heart:


He is 15 years old.

Is he getting treatment (meds) ?

Mental illness can seem like a really intractable problem sometimes. To me, it seems like when you want to go into the hospital they don’t send you there, and when you don’t want to they’re implacable that you should go.

Yes. 4 weeks now.

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Yes. It feels like that sometimes. The police wanted him to go. The ER didn’t think he had to stay there.

Keep an eye on it, maybe the meds aren’t agreeing with him.

Children are a constant worry.

They sure are…

I called the police for someone to talk to once, they treated me hostile and took me to the er

Fun times at turningthepage lane

I called the police to tell them that my wife had poisoned my water. I got taken to the ER and they tried to commit me, they didn’t run any tests. They didn’t even really question her. this was before I had any idea there was something wrong with me. What if she really had been trying to kill me?

I’ve always been friendly with the police. I had to call them on my wife’s harassing me and my daughter’s delinquent behavior. Once, they took me to the New Orleans’ House of Detention by mistake and once they took me to jail for vagrancy in Grafton W VA. As a consequence of their taking me to jail in Grafton, they later took me to the state hospital in Weston W VA, where I spent a pleasant three weeks. They are gruff, usually friendly, sympathetic fellows to me. They mean business and are serious fellows. Scary!

Maybe they are nicer and softer with kids?

How is your son going now @comatose?

Depressed. I make him go for walks and do stuff so he won’t isolate in his room and feel worse.

Cops ?Nice guys…Im thinking that you are in the upper eschalon of health care?

At 15 hes trying to find his self.

Now … are You SZ? …maybe you are thinking that the apple don’t fall too far from the free?

as a mental person you should be able to appreciate what your kid. is going through

I’m sorry to hear that @Comatose. I really hope things start looking up for your son.

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You are propably right. I had it very tough as a teenager. Don’t want him to go through the same ■■■■. But now he is. We have to make the best out of the situation that is today. One day at a time.