Pokemon go has eggs

I just installed pokemon go on my phone. It has eggs that you can hatch pokemon out of. I havent figured out how to get an egg yet though. This is a fun game. You should get it. Its good for being active as you have to walk around and look for pokemon. I caught a Pidgey


Get it @samp You might have pokemon in your house :smile:

Its a free game i shoul add. Just need a mobile phone

no way Bruce!


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I’ve got 3 eggs. I have to walk 5kms each to hatch them. Little monsters :smile:


You look strangely like bruce willis…who looks oddly egg shaped…


Theres a bit of great potato in me too!


:slight_smile: Have you captured the exeggcute pokemon yet? :upside_down:


How do you tell a boy Pokemon from a girl Pokemon?

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Lol not yet, but i want one!!!

How??? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 9 eggs now. Thats 5km walk each. This is gonna be good excercise to hatch them


How far do you have to walk after you hatch them?

Just have to walk 5kms then they hatch. Can only do one at a time. So if you have 9 eggs you have to walk 5kms 9 times to hatch each egg

No idea! That’s why I’m asking?

Ohhh i thought you were telling a joke lol

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