Poison poison poison

The medicine is just poisoning me.

I will probably get off of medication.

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What medicine are you on? Do you believe it is actual poison or do you mean that you don’t like the way it’s making you feel?

I was put on Aripiprazole (30 mg), Quetiapine (600 mg) and Lamotrigine (200 mg).

It is poisoning me, I know this, I can feel it.

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or, OR, it’s the illness telling you you’re being poisoned because something deep down in you knows it’ll go away if you keep taking the meds.

Think about the millions of people who take these meds every day who DON’T die from them because they aren’t really poison.


It’s killing you slowly step by step. For others it goes faster.

I don’t think those meds would be approved if there was any sign that they were killing people.
I’m sure they were thoroughly tested before they came out.

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You’re delusional. It’s medication.


It’s definitely not poison.

It’s unpleasant, but not poison.

However you should report any unusual side effects to your doc.

@mongolina the true “poison” is the disease schizophrenia, with its toxic intrusive thoughts.
I want to stay in Israel and these “intrusive thoughts” are looking to drive me abroad.


You said exactly what I was going to say, @Berru. We’re both frigging genius’s.

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Ive been on medication for about 36 years. I’m 56 years old and still going strong in many ways. Just this morning in my new apartment my roommate knocked on my door to ask me a question and we were talking and he told me I was really good company. This meant a lot to me because I don’t want to be the type of person who walks into a room or into my work or my home or the supermarket and everybody thinks, “Ah hell, this a*shole again.” I like walking into my sisters houses and they light up and smile and ask me how I’m doing. Or I walk into work in the morning and people greet me and are sincerely friendly. Anyways, I digressed.
The biggest cause of relapse is going off of your meds.

Medication good. No medication and psychosis, bad.


Anti-psychotics were first used to treat mental illnesses in the 1950’s. I don’t see anywhere that they kill people if taken as prescibed. Instead I see them improving the quality of life for many people or at least making life with schizophrenia more bearable. Its true that they don’t work for everyone who takes them, but if you find the right one it gives you a fighting chance at doing something in life or at least living outside of a hospital.


Well, of course you don’t hear about it. There’s no money in reporting the truth.


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But @Genbu, that’s beside the point that mongolina and I are making. I don’t want to trivialize the point of the study you posted but there’s a difference between complaining that taking medications as prescribed are poisoning people (which is her insinuation) and the fact that people are dying from overdoses. It’s two different things. The problems might overlap perhaps though. Yes, I re-read my answer above and amended it to make my point clearer.

Well, maybe we shouldn’t have painkillers for people with serious injuries or cancer pain then, since people die of opiod overdoses daily.

(That’s sarcasm of course, people with terrible pain should be able to take painkillers, even if they are dangerous if misused by some.)


Same with smoking, harder to quit than Heroin as well.


There can be some serious side effects from the meds such as metabolic syndrome (which increases the risk of insulin resistance, weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, leading to an early death), akathisia, tardive dyskinesia, cognitive problems, more severe negative symptoms, and yes, lowered sex drive and E.D. I don’t want any of them.

Ask your doctor, first. I made a mistake weening myself off. I lasted for a good while but once the stress got amped up combined with no sleep, I went into a frantic state that was full of disorganization and delusions.

Maybe you’re on too much and need the dose lowered? I was on five medications and I know that was too much. I just didn’t want anyone getting mad at me so I kept the weening a secret…but things got worse when reality struck me.