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I was searching for a place that I could read others poetry. I love writing poetry, and consider myself a fairly good songwriter. I was surprised to find that there are no running threads with this theme of sharing. At least none that are active that I could find.

So… to kick things off, here is a Poem that I just wrote tonight. I’ve been in a writing dry-spell, so I’m pretty excited to see what pours out this time. I find it very cleansing and Cathartic. Anyway, I’ll shut up now …


Keeper of Memories
Guardian of Honour
At the most, my Sister
At the least, my Friend

You make me want to
Stand a little Taller
Spine a little Straighter
If not for Those Like You
I am nothing

~ david ~

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We don’t have a specific section but post in #creativity . We have many a good poet around here…

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