Poetry unleashed

Let’s make a collective poem folks. Maybe is has been done here before, dunno.

Two verses max at a time per poster.
Try to make it rhyme with the previous verse or with the one before last.
8 verses at most before a full stop.
Preferrably more than one word in a verse.
Try to keep it coherent or humorous!

I’ll start (:jack_o_lantern:)

I’ve once been told by “you-know-who”…


That I’m a scallywag.
But I say boo.


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Of honesty a shoe
Isn’t enough to fit two


So i took my shoe off and i skipped to my lou

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Though others disagree
This rule holds true for me
That when I light a match
Inside my shoe…

the shoe doesnt fit and i stepped in some ■■■■ and then everyone went pooo hoooo

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