<~~~::: Poetry ::: or ::: Numbers :::~~~>


In The Landscape of Poetry & In The Landscape of Numbers. Which Is Of More Importance?.

Poetry — The Sun Speaks To The Earth And Brings Joy To The Wandering Garden.

Numbers — 1 Is 1 + 1 = 2 x 2 = 4 + 4 = 8 = Infinity (With The Help Of Poetry).

I Ask.

Which Is More Importance?.

Poetry, , ,


Numbers. . .


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Poetry~>>> It Is A Beautiful Day Today, The Sun Is Warming Me Up Like A Blanket!.

Numbers~>>> Person 1~ ‘I Will Turn The T.v. On With My Mind’. Person 2~ ‘Use The Remote’.

In Thus Endlessly Vast Void Of Dreams And Peculiar Things. . .

Which Sphere Owns Your Heart, Mind, Body, And Shadow’s Goal (???).


(((~<.><.><.>~A Song~<.><.><.>~)))~Psalm~(((~<.><.><.>~A Song~<.><.><.>)))

‘Poems can be limericks, sonnets, haiku, acrostic, square stanza or other type. … Imagine and express!’~ (From Google).


I don’t know if one is necessarily more important than the other. I think they’re both very important in their own special ways.


Examples Of Both To Reveal The Spark Of Each.


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Maybe To Put It Simply.

1.) The Hearts & Minds Of Hearts & Minds Speaking About All Of Our Hearts & Minds. . .

2.) Money. . .


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