Poetry is the power

This verse demonstrates why I love rap. I wrote it last night.

Yo fool

Yeah you sitting on the stool

Spitting out that stool

You think you’re so god damn cool

Well I think you’re just a tool

I’ve been waiting

To stand up to you

Since when. Since I was like two.

Now your through

With this way you too

You mean ass girl

You mean, and I outclass you

But I’ve had it im due

To smack across your beautiful


Just kidding I love you I wanna marry you

What am I saying

This ■■■■■ ain’t nothing but a trick look at the game she’s playing

This lame way and I gave in

At a festival

No longer skeptical of this spectacle

My trust was given

Now I’m so striven

Living for what? Well I’m Just existing



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tug, bite, claw…oh, to be continued

Thanks for sharing :hugs:


I’m getting deeper and realer with the lyrics. Everything else comes along too.

Better creativity, less narcissism, and good mental health …are all improving together for me. They’re like intertwined. If I become worse mentally I will also take steps back in creativity and narcissism. But if I improve in one I will improve in the others. There is a link between all.

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Just wait, spring will be here soon, and with it, the rays of sunshine :hugs:

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We got a bad storm going on right now. Actually right now it’s just rain and melting the snow. Until it’s dropping in temperature later and everything freezes!!

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