Poetry and Schizophrenia: poet John Raubenheimer is waxing lyrical to help charity SANE

How one man is helped by writing poetry:

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A Settle man is on a mission to raise money for a mental health charity.

South African-born poet John Raubenheimer is offering to read his work to groups within a two-hour train-travel distance of Settle, as a means of raising money for SANE.

John, 65, took up poetry at a young age. In 1981, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and found writing helped him through it.

This year, he decided to use his poetry to give something back by setting a target to raise £10,000 for SANE.

“Going through mental illness can be a very lonely experience. When I heard about the SANE helpline I thought if there had been something like that back then, I might have been able to get some support through that time in my life,” explained John.

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