Poem: You will be okay

At first, you will feel nothing
like getting slapped in the face
and waiting for the burn

Then your eyes will water
your chest will hurt
your shoulders feel heavy

You could start to wonder
if your mouth will ever turn upwards again
if it will ever get easier to get out of bed

You might even start actively listening
for my laughter
not remembering you’ll never hear it again

You will likely feel anger
you might even resent me a bit
then resent yourself for resenting me

You will ask why
why now
why not you instead

I promise you, my dear
after a while, it will hurt less
you won’t notice at first

But one day, you will find
you will see something I used to love
and not break down

And you just know
things will be okay again
the wounds are starting to heal

You might always have an inner scar
but I promise, as certain as my departure
you will be okay.


(Disclaimer: this is not a suicide note! It was written to be seen as a letter from someone who is dying and trying to comfort a loved one)

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It is a nice poem. Did you create it ?

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I did. I was inspired by other things I’ve read

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Fine work @Miika


Is the name Miika common across Scandinavia? There was a formula 1 driver called Mikka hakkinen (sp?). I think he was from finland

I remember him, Mika Häkkinen, I looked up to him growing up :smiley:
It’s a Finnish name. Miika is a less common variant, and it has to do with the way it’s pronounced. Miika sounds like “Mee-ka” while Mika sounds like “Mikkah”

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Is Finland considered a Scandinavian country?

I think so, yes. I can honestly never remember if it’s Scandiavian or Nordic or both

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We should ask @mjseu

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Wow it’s pretty complicated

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