Poem - WoMan

One doesn’t exist without the other.
Together they make a brand-new world.

She tells him her problems to say them out loud.
He tells her his solutions to help lift her cloud.

She cries when her love for him doesn’t seem enough.
He yells when his love for her doesn’t seem enough.

She wants to be treated like she’s his queen.
He wants to be treated like he’s her king.

She shows him how tough she is so he can be proud.
He shows her strong he is so she can be proud.

A woman and a man, apart they are two
But put them together and you have one destiny,
One heart with only one purpose and that is to be one.


I have different experiences with women. For example, when I left one company in the 1990s, my former U.S. spouse came and threatened that they break my legs. She was a part of their information network. She was not a good woman.