Poem: Torture

A little boy was smiling, telling things
saying truths to other people
only to be punished by his brother
with knives and razor blades he was tortured
to make him quiet, not to speak aloud
he was tortured
that little child, so innocent
never to be allowed to tell the truth
told to lie to teachers how wounds have come
how he was tortured
he learned, he had to protect his torturers
people who really physically made him cry
always alone crying
but deciding to educate himself
for the future he wanted out
from the environment of torture
he wanted to escape at the first chance he got
and he got it through education
to escape, he blocked his mind
not to remember
but scars in his finger, in his eye conner
the living proof of torture he got
that little child, always polite, always smiling
only to escape far away
far away from his torturers
but memories became unblocked
only to remember his torture
knives, razor blades, fists
only to remember the past
know and remember his torturers
now and forever.


Yes I was bullied severely, I still remember how I cried alone.