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Happiness Poem

Happiness eludes me
Happiness is a gift
Happiness is one of my biggest desires


Poem number 2

Sz is shameful, but it humbles me
Sz has stigma to it
Sz makes me angry
Sz is the worst mental illness there is

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My mind is loud with accelerated thoughts
Like pouring rain trying to count the drops
People think I’m chill while I’m anxious and scared
But everyones got something and no one seems to care.


They told me 2 turn my frown upside down,
But I can’t, even if I try,
So I take something 2 numb the pain,
And again I smile 2 see another day.



No more gluten
No more dairy
No more sugar
Scares the fairy
No more carbs
In this bod of mine
No more food
And no more wine
I’m a freegan
Don’t you say
I’ll chomp my carrots
And shrink away


Haha :laughing:

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A lesson to me
Taught in a hard way
But at least
The lesson was given
I’d like to believe
It’s the only way
To have learnt properly

And therefore it is

A necessity

For a wonderful life.

To be alive

And thrive?


Tired out my mind
Cant find lies to tie in my crimes

Leaving the scene in a scrabble to find peace of mind
Pieces of scattered rhymes a sad attempt to interpret
My sick psyche

Im tired out my mind been taking these meds for a long time stuck in a line ready cry but its been more than 10 minutes my time is up


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