Poem: the sunflowers have mouths

The sunflowers have mouths

The grass is like razors.
Blue sky blinds, blows you out, however many times you go back to look.
The stars chase into your chest with your breath

People you meet tear off your skin.

Uncountable life sounds like screaming.


Great - “seasons don’t fear the reaper, nor does the the wind, and the sun and the rain.”

I don’t know what it means, but it made me think and wonder


Beautifully written.

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Wow, you really understand poetry, very original!

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Thank you @bluebutterfly
Yeah “Don’t fear the reaper” :slight_smile:

It’s meant as how life kills you with life

Thanks so much @Flowerpot

@Jinx its all a style I learned from my mums poetry which is so incredibly beautiful many many years ago

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