Poem: The same old story

People live their lives
ordinary lives
with daily activities and tasks
usual as always
only to travel to some vacation places
enjoying new moments
enjoying new experiences
taking photos of their trips
to these exotic places
in the south, in the sunshine
taking photos for their albums
only to come back
back to the ordinary lives
in the usual places, usual lives
showing photos to their friends
telling stories about new experiences
telling stories about beaches, the sun
forgetting the ordinary life for a moment
ordinary lives without photos
photos only from unusual, new, exotic places
for whom, their children maybe?
no photos of their normal lives, normal living
the life the generation shall continue
why? the human mind, spirit determines
forgets the usual things, remembers only trips
exotic, unusual southern vacation spots
without celebrating the normal living
except some who films all the life
for whom? for the next generations
children, their children and their children
the life from the past brought to them
by a film, a photo, a story, a poem
the normal life from the past
for the future generations.