Poem -- the meaning of the life

Poem – the meaning of the life

Man walks back in his memories
he sees those events of the past
how the Soviet Union ended
how Saddam invaded Kuwait
how the EU expanded
but then he sees these regions today
Iraq is messed up
Afghanistan and Syria even more in trouble
The EU tries to expand to Ukraine
Russians occupying Crimea
it all goes in circles
does this have some meaning at all?
he wonders and realizes that it all is the same
the same as always, going in circles
people die, new people are born
the life continues, meaninglessly as always
where does it all end?
Man does not know
New players arrive with new cards
new objectives, new resources, new plans
Nations fall, others rise from the dust
the dust of the past creating new powers
where does it all end?
Nowhere, going in circles as always
Man lives as always wondering,
the meaning of the life


I think fun being tacos riddles or chaos or some weird stuff I really dunno though

Just watched the movie ‘Bobby’ about the events leading to the assassination of Robert Kennedy and this made me more and more convinced of the meaninglessness of the life …

What about Martin Luther King - was his life meaningless?

No, I suppose everybody must find some meaning in their lives.

Find or make or a combo of the two -

Can you sync up words perfectly with the instruments it means I’m an idiot

Whatever your situation is, I do not think that you are an idiot.