POEM: The Harbour Master

The Harbour Master

There is so little compassion, these days
I could sink into a washed-out haze
Marked by Tears on faded Greys
When all we are, is Martyrs

Caught up in some long, lost cause
When once we Dreamed, upon these Stars
Why does it always seem so far?
This Journey of mere Mortals

Have no fear, Dear wounded Child
I know it seems to have been a while
But Love’s returned, and upon you smiles
Cast your fears into the flame

How does it end, this Tale we tell
With our own Lives, until the Bell
Of the Harbor Master calls us Home
It’s come time to draw near

Be the best, that you can be
Cuz you bring out The Best in Me
Together, maybe we’ll be set Free
When the Harbour Master calls

~ david ~


Well done this poem sounds a bit to good for my ears. Oh and do you know the laws to writing a poem I kind of found myself thinking about this every time I want to write.

@Illvoices I’m not sure what you mean. The laws governing writing a poem? It is simply expressing yourself

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