Poem: The Answer

“The Answer”

in a world of sorrows
I find that I need more
than just a handful of
pills twice a day,
something with substance
that can sustain me
through these dark times
that always seem to come,
searching the world over
for just what the answer
is when I find I’ve known
the answer all along


leaves it open ended

we don’t know the answer

so many want to help the mentally ill

they don’t have it either.


It’s definitely a struggle.

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I haven’t walked in anyone else’s shoes so I only know my own experience. But I know the answer for me, at least.

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But look at the determinant, the one we take on ourselves

your poem says you already know

why don’t others know

my parents had a moment

they foresaw my last panic attack.

sometimes it can render an understanding.

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I guess we all walk our own path and have to come to that conclusion on our own. Some know and some don’t. It is a tough thing to sort out, life in general.

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But definately, we can’t walk this world on our own.

I’d like to see more problems resolved in our inner circle.

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I agree. :slightly_smiling_face:

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