Poem: Surge


A Dragon rising above the mist
A soldier waiting to enlist
Hold on to me I do insist
Black fades to white what have I missed?

The temple stormed and opened yonder
A coloured picture yet so sombre
Memories of her grow ever fonder
Is my time wasted do I wonder

I‘ve lain in wake yet was I slain
Tried my hand at the biggest game
But it eloped and drained my name
Of illreputed hopes for fame

I didn‘t truly rule my world
I failed to put ambition first
Idle time to shame gave birth
The quest not over nor the search


I love the rhymes, they feel very original and interesting
I also like the vibe

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Thank you unicornrose

I used to write a LOT of poetry but during the last few years I barely have.

Maybe I‘ll get back into it

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Very nicely written. :dragon: :+1:


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