Poem - Sidelined

We’re on the sidelines of a football game.
O’er either end zone there’s a Goodyear blimp
tinged blue at one end, at the other, red.

With splitting minds we watch the game unfold,
two teams of light aglow with blue or red,
endeavoring each to be the only one.

The consequence of victory could be
a heaven or a hell eternally,
while sidelined people with a wishbone shiver.



Blue + red = purple. It seems to me that purple could be our destiny. Problem solved.

"Clowns to the left of me jokers to the right"
In the middle is a purple light
On that day i saw you, did you me?
And the light did emerge, no longer night.

Once I stood for what I knew
Then I saw you and you stood too.
Then what was lost, was found
and we were on the common ground

but when purple merged, it was us instead
were we really so different in what we said
not enough for this
a little compromise, bliss

And understanding did ensue
Let me give you this, and you gave of you
for what is an idea if we lose love
it becomes a game, the push and the shove.

So let’s find this way
I say this, what do you say?
Let’s work it out
let’s find our way, no need to shout.

We all share this blue dot
let’s find that spot
The tighter you fist the sand
the more it slips away. and nothing stands.

So no longer seas of blue and red
It was us, purple instead
And as we merged it was clear, it was not ideas
It was you and me, and when we merged, we lost the fear.


Very lovely, Sir! Was it very different indeed. Or I’m not sure who the “you” second person is. Thanks for the reply.

I liked it. But I feel like it’s important that we remember that we aren’t just on the sidelines. Every single decision we make helps one team or the other win.

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Yes, and we can vote from the “sidelines” too. I wrote this when psychotic, so it’s just a general statement re: good vs evil. Problem is, which is which?

Red and blue are not good and evil. They are just different. Purple is understanding, it bridges an imaginary divide.


That was what I got from your poem reply. That’s fine with me.

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Not a card-carrying member of any club, party, or team. Just an individual with a name. I’m going thru an “individuation” process all over again out of the Nous. With the help of my antipsychotic, I will be a particular from the general, a knowing “I.” This heartbreak rebirth will be of no vast import to anyone but me.

Thank you for reading. -Rob

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