Poem/Short Story

The moral to this short story/poem is that it’s always necessary to immediately flee from the darkness and despair that will devour your life. Even if it’s disguised as a beautiful, exotic, and enticing flower.

I came upon a girl as I wondered about a dark and dangerous garden. Observing her, I saw she’d taken notice of a particular beautiful yet deadly flower. The girl smiled and attempted to pluck the exotic flower, it then snarled at her and opened its pedals in a vicious display of protection. This frightened her but not enough to keep her at bay. I heard her murmur aloud, “maybe if I have distracted it from a frontal attack then I may snip his vine from behind” It was then that I came from the shadows to intervene, “why do you wish to torture this lovely creature of nature? It’s beauty has no bounds of color. He breathes as you do. He feeds as you do. So, why destroy his life span?” I’m in awe of it’s beautiful colors, she replies. This forest is one of of dark and devious nature my girl, just as you seek the flowers beautiful nature, he seeks your flesh and bones. Every creature here will devour you wholly and completely; even I. So, I ask you, do you flee from the darkness and despair that is within; or do you flee with your life body and soul remaining intact? The girl ran from the exotic and enchanting forest, always looking back at the the beautiful yet deadly flower of many colors that had almost tore through her flesh and bones.

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