Poem: Politics

I am wandering around
really not interested in
not interested in politics
I knew so well, knew nothing
that there will be the EU parliamentary election
until now I knew nothing
but wandered in the main street of my little town
saw a place of True Finns
they gave a cup of coffee
in the same place where the National Coalition
where they too served a cup of coffee seven years ago
not interested in any politics
told a man I did not know about elections
the man warned about the EU direction
is the direction of True Finns only one ?
True Finns whose leader shot himself years ago
still not interested
not interested in any politics
just an ordinary man with sz seeing things
knowing nothing about politicians
really not interested in any directions
but knowing the EU so well
maybe True Finns is the only way to go
show the path away from the EU Federalism
to find the freedom in the end
but still not interested in any directions
just wandering around.

Yea, let us redifine the word politics, yea.

Call it what it really is and was and will be.

Thats not politics at all, they just made up that word to tell to children.

There is no politics.

“Politicians and diapers should both be changed frequently, and for the same reason”


Yes, politicians are ready to say whatever to get your votes, Bill Clinton always said ‘I love you’ when he received something from people, Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton can be such devils. I hope Hillary Clinton will never become the President of the USA, I believe she has backing of many rich Jews such as Bloomberg and others.