Poem: Pin-prick

Star-light, like the sparkling shards of a shattered trinket
Caught in Freeze Frame
Strewn across the sky, in some unrecognizable pattern
As if to elude our comprehension

All I knew, and all I feared, I see in the beautiful, cold indifference of a liquid black sky
One pinprick of light, looking back at another

This is one more in my typical Style. Not as popular, but more satisfying somehow. I borrowed the last line from another poem that I wrote. I just can’t find it

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I see these poem posts, but don’t know what to say

My English Lit. teacher at college tried to get me to understand it, but she failed

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Poetry isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. I know very few people who actually read poetry. I guess it’s painting with words, finding unique ways of saying what you want to say, expressing how you feel

( while secretly aware of what a crock of s*** it is LOL)

They tried me to get to read the classics, but I just never really understood it

When I had an assignment, I picked the lyrics to a Metallica song, and got told I had to do real poetry.

To me that Metallica song is living poetry!

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Agreed. Songs are good poetry put to music, hopefully in a powerful combination

See I tried to tell this tutor that!

I think she was actually offended because I wasn’t interested in her material

Luckily I got to do my final project on a book called Bird Song. Suggest a read, good book

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Your tutor sounds like a fool. The line between song and literature is pretty blurry. One bleeds into the other

What is the book about?

It’s about WW1

Bit of a love story but tragic as you can imagine.

The author is very good

I liked it and I don’t read much if at all these days

I’m sure. I haven’t read a full book in years. I used to devour a novel in one day, now I doubt I would ever finish it. By the time I got to the bottom of the page, I had no clue what the top of the page was about

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