Poem: Our God

You invincible
can not be seen
still existing
in all of us
your energies gave us the birth
each of us, a part of you
most powerful, most understanding
you gave us our genes
to evolve in the universe
to live and to continue the life
still so much unknowns
we, humans never understand
you are the greatest power
ruling the land, the sea, the sky
everywhere in the universe
sometimes rewarding
sometimes punishing
everything seems to be so fair
we do not understand
but we believe in you, you Almighty
in the middle of all other creations of you
jungles, mountains, forests, deserts
all enabled by your energies, your programming
you are the ultimate truth
never to be understood by us, poor humans
you can change our lives
make some rich, some poor
we try to understand, we believe
all religions of the world, your creations
in this universe, in our solar system
we believe in you, the God
the only one God in our lives.

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