Poem: My Good Deed

Needed milk
needed juice
left my place with my military bag
only to walk to to grocery store
the store to where I often go
saw a person
wondered why this man went through trash bins?
in the front of the store
knew the reason before entering
he tried to find empty bottles and cans
only to return these to the store
I purchased milk and juice
the local vicar was behind me
a man whom I knew since my childhood
did not make a contact
wondered why?
back outside and saw the man again
the man with his dog trying to find bottles and cans
approached him, saw him severely ill
I took two euros from my pocket
gave him, made him happy
he thanked as well as he could
I walked back to my place
saw this man riding his bike with a dog happily
took care of a problem
just two euros
others did not do anything
would have the local vicar done the same deed?
I doubt it
my good deed made a person happy.


Wonderful poem!! I think it sends a very strong and powerful message.