Poem: Memories of the past

Seen and visited places,
traveled in the world,
memories remain, but without any value,
gone away, lost in the universe,
memories with no value,
meaningless in the current world,
ever changing and evolving,
the future unknown on this planet,
could have done better or worse,
who cares what was in the past,
the future not depending on the past events,
not depending on the past memories,
what matters now, the current world and living,
can not change the past,
may not influence the future,
meaningless being in one’s own universe,
not going back, only going forward,
trusting oneself to cope with illnesses,
trying to be better than in the past,
memories lost, gone in the wind of the changing world,
the world has never returned to the past,
the matter of the human nature,
going to the future.