Poem I am the dust

I am the dust
I am the pain
I am all that’s suffering.
I am the rust
I am the rain
I am all that’s guzzling
bottles of tears
bottles of beers
and I’m hiding from my fears
Because it has been a few years.
Since I felt like I was normal
But what is normal?
No one knows.
Because no one shows.
Of Normality
what a fallacy.
They say honesty is the best policy.
But I’m living a lie
Just trying to get by
I’m a little too shy
For the stadium
So I give them the truth
Since I’m up on the roof
About to jump.
But don’t want to wake up the neighbors with a big loud thump.
So I just keep on living
Staying striven.


love it… :ok_hand:

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