(poem) help me pass the time

Rome wasn’t built In a day,
Tell the children to leave and play,
A fisherman with patience of a saint once said
“There’s time to rest when you’re dead”
I don’t agree with the meloncholy, the wicked, the inbred
What do I know
I’m sick in the head
Help me pass the time
All I can do is twiddle these stubs called thumbs and rhyme
My head doesn’t make sense of your societal gerrymandering
Help me pass the time
Your witnesses tell nothing but lies when the virtue shines before them.
I won’t listen to their words any longer.
Help me pass the time.


OMG…what the hell is going on here? A poem that actually ryhmes on this forum. You deserve a “like” for that alone.

It takes a lot of effort to make one that ryhmes.

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