Poem: Gypsy girl

Like a wind
your free spirits travels
in this modern society
walking distances daily
while others are at the school
you chose to live in another way
in the way of the gypsy
traveling on the land
where your will ever wants to
in the freedom
seeing places
meeting people
other just spend their time at the school
you chose to live the life
talking with others on your cell phone
every time I see you
talking on the phone
about the life, living, people
your free spirit wants to live
a different life from others
you, the gypsy girl
I see almost every day
sometimes with a fellow gypsy
sometimes alone
walking in the streets
in the sunshine
living a different life already in your youth
loving the life, people, living
like a butterfly you enjoy the existence
educating yourself differently
the unique beautiful gypsy girl.


Love this! It paints a vivid picture of this gypsy girl. Is she someone you know or have seen? Or a product of your imagination?

It also reminds me of a poem I wrote, entitled “Gypsy Life.” About my former travels from state to state, looking for a place to call home.



She is a real human whom I see regularly when I ride my bicycle in the town.


Very cool. Please keep sharing your poetry with us!



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Funny, the gypsy girl still continues walking in the town although her friends had to stop partying already in the last spring. So the time passes and people evolve. In my little town we have quite many gypsies, they like to wear black clothing, in my language they are called ‘mustalaiset’, the blacks.

I wrote this poem two years ago and this gypsy girl is still walking around in our neighborhood as she did two years ago. Some things never change.