Poem: Great Divide

“Great Divide”

this deep chasm,
the great divide
between what i think
and what i feel,
knowing somehow that
things can’t possibly be
that bad and yet
feeling like the end
of the world, signals
crossed somewhere
along the way as i sit
and try to sort it
all out, taking pills
every day to smooth
it all over


Good one.

I’ve written, There’s nothing in the head that isn’t in the heart.

I was doing Villanelles on Saints.

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Thanks. I wondered if you still wrote as much. You used to share a lot on the old site.

yeah, I still do writing on occasion.

I think I’ve kinda burnt myself out,

not sure, but I might have up to 200 comedic plays.

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I know what you mean. I go through cycles myself. I generally write more when i’m more at the extreme ends mood-wise.

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