Poem for Everhopeful

I saw that you were down, so I wanted to step in on your territory (just kidding) and write you a quick poem to let you know that I’m thinking about you, @everhopeful. You really are one of the best people on the internet. Many blessings to you. Hope all gets better soon.

The ripple in the air
sings waves down through the years.
Let it echo in your footsteps,
let it wrestle in your ears.

The crinkle in the air
pleases poems of love and grace.
You are much too hopeful
to bear the ruined face.

The whistle in the air
calms regal hearts and minds.
May you heal over,
may you realize better times.


Geez, thank you very much CrayonCanal! That really cheered me up!

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Glad to hear that, Everhopeful! You are very loved here on these forums. :slight_smile: