Poem: Flying spirit

It does not matter where we are
our spirits shall determine the direction
are we going good or bad?
it is in our minds, the flying spirit
wherever we want to go, we’ll find the way
we just must want to do so
those who have been the strongest ones
have also survived the longest time
nations shall rise, nations shall fall
depending on the spirits of those leading us
do we need anybody to lead us?
maybe yes, maybe no
but in the end, we go there where we want to
some say it is the Holy Spirit
connected directly to the God, to the Universe
some do not understand their spirits at all
some drink, use drugs to elevate to new levels
but is this needed?
is this needed indeed?
if we just have courage to find our spirit
going where we want to, doing what we want to
in the free world flying like a condor or an eagle
flying high in the sky
watching the world, down to the Earth
Kings in their own universe, one verse
the story we have, one verse
to be told to the rest of the universe
to the spirits of the free world.

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That’s a consistent piece of writing. It sticks to what it wants to say and doesn’t wander off track.