Poem Doodling Thread

Ring of maroon
Spiraling down
Til it hit the stone
and its light,
it shone.

Sunshine deafening,
Morning birds shining.
Moon darkening,
Clouds shouting.

Dark road
Heavy load
Mr. Toad
Lawn got mowed

Fires of gold
flames of old
tales that were told

Hills that roll
shivering cold
melting bowl

shameless desire
something that rhymes with fire
a situation dire

I walked
then ran
then swam past a dam
Ate from a can
then yelled “I am!”

a thousand years have fleed
into an abyss of greed
I took a look then pled
Pled to be dead

Dried out
It sits
Desert of sand
The sun it hits


Nice man. Basic but clever at the same time.

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It’s great in a Walt Whitman kind of way.

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Beautiful :sunrise:

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thank you all

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any favorites in particular? not seeking compliments but just curious about which ones you like

Gardens of gold drip into bits

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No one owns the world
Yes we’re all trapped inside
It can be a wonderful life
When fate abides

Why waste your time?
Why even try?
Prolly cause you’ve got to.
Got that tic inside.



I loled :smile:

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This is kind of a mash up of different things:

Hit you with some polemic retort
Break the statements you should have left at the door

Lost in translation. Can’t recall the face our nation. Disintegration of a faltering generation. No jobs, no art, no music, just life. Regret sinks in like the blade of a knife. Public strife, a useless plight.

Someone should have told me introspections got some dark ends
And that I really needed was a true friend
Involuntary life of an imprisoned soul
But everything is free when you refuse the toll
I can see the ends of your life in the eyes
Born to shine, give us time, life like nursery rhyme

Wave forms collapsed but they’re off the track
Quit observing so these things can retract

For once it’s gone
Been watching the candle burn
It’s taken so long
Now I’m waiting for the sun


The conscious drift
Will it take me away this time
I lied
I lied
I lied
I never loved you

When my thoughts do runaway
I never remember what they say

Inescapable pain of a broken brain
Muses a broken man with a broken mind
Doing what he can to bide his time

They compliment his style, his face, his eyes
All the while it’s lies lies lies

Stranded in the center of attention
I can’t figure out why
It’s just judgement all the time

Somewhere along the way, the soul it died

No longer concerned with what’ll happen next time

Keep sight of the hope, to shut them all up.


@soitgoes, soul only dies from no attachment to nature.

I’ve had a year like this, and then many in bloom where everything was coming up daisies.

I would try to camp, or something like that, to re-examine.

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