Poem: Changes of Life

“Changes of Life”

seasons change,
everything changes
but then sometimes
it seems like nothing
really does and i’m
stuck like Chuck
in the distress of a
situation i find to be
a little hard to handle
and i just don’t know
what to really do
about it so i just
take it one day at
a time and hope for
the best


Change of our coexistence
Change of our knowledge
change the methods that we can use to deal with our natural world

There is no mutation in the existential world
The existentialism phenomena coming and disappear
The time do not stop or changing into other thing
The light do not development through out the ages
Our natural world content remains as it is ,
We are a part of this world,But the human beings is the developed phenomenon in our visual world


“It seems like Nothing really does and I’m stuck like chuck”
You have the enough smartness and the full mental capacity
to know how you can handle the reality of the incorporeal thing really does,
because you were described the features of the Nothing in other poem .
A falls of sequential thoughts and feelings without cutout


i like how your poems are so short and like…a few words at a time. it reminds me of a lot of french poetry. almost fragmented, very original

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Thanks, man! :slightly_smiling_face:

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wow… :slight_smile: 658765876596

One reason i write like that is because i keep pocket-sized notebooks to write in on the fly. I have other regular notebooks with longer poems i have written, but over the years i have adapted to writing in the smaller notebooks. I like how they turn out. I feel like sometimes there’s something to be said for brevity.

thats really cool, yea i tend to write the same way to be honest, i feel like its more elemental each line is like an idea

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rather than a sentence

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