POEM - CASPIAN OIL - 1999, a poem I wrote in Feb 1999 in America


The way the Caspian oil is flowing … unstoppable mass of
fluid … finding new ways and channels to … go through by
understanding its … surroundings; barriers, obstacles and others
… the Caspian oil just keeps flowing and finding new … ways of
providing energy for new and old life formations … this Caspian oil
will slowly, but steadily, change its surroundings, … but this is
what intelligence is all about, isn’t it …

Our Caspian oil is flowing stronger and faster … where it is
going, nobody knows; only somebody can predict … day after day -
smaller Caspian oils are adding to its strength … its energy is
increasing; supporting thousands of new creatures … day after day

  • more and more unique trees get their start … providing wealth and
    success for all their caretakers … one can only flow with the Caspian
    oil; and take its most advantages … as we all know intelligence
    opportunities are limitless …

Oh, these obstacles that the Caspian oil has to overcome, …
nothing is too big the Caspian oil to succeed. … Its flexibility,
creativeness and intelligence - … these are its main strengths
… enabling all barriers to be broken down. … This consistent and
steady flow of energy and imagination; … makes it seem so effortless
and easy. …This is all up to the Caspian oil’s caretakers. … We
are both main strengths and obstacles … in the adoption of global
intelligence practices.

One should know that only the sky is the limit to … new
intelligence solutions and programs, … No idea is too small or too
big; … and those who can imagine best ideas; … and then implement
these ideas, … Shall gain most while flowing with this energetic
Caspian oil. … This rich source of new solutions shall guarantee …
our success and the absolute success of this Caspian oil. … It is the
win-win game; only losers are those who reject this Caspian oil; …
and those who do reject it, they can only regret later. … The fullest
implementation of our intelligence ideas … shall enrich our souls,
spirits, bodies, hearts and minds.

Your knowledge and understanding are not developed without some
effort and work; … this shall be our investment in the future. …
By training our friends about all intelligence opportunities … and
by educating our surroundings how to develop and implement … these
innovative ideas and solutions, … We shall ensure our friends to be
successful and … We shall ensure our own success while flowing with
the Caspian oil; … We need training and education in all levels of
our trees and branches; … This is the way we can ensure our Caspian
oil’s increasing strength and … This is the way we can grow our trees
taller, stronger and more colorful; … Our commitment to training of
intelligence and its benefits shall ensure our success.

Friends, Our Friends you who are loyal and committed to our
common initiatives … you who believe in the success of
intelligence … you who have made emotional and other commitments to
this strong and energetic Caspian oil … you are our real friends -
our soulmates and partners; … And you’ll be rewarded accordingly in
the future - our friends; … intelligence shall reward anybody who
believes in its overwhelming success; … our friends - your
generosity shall be remembered - Our Friends …

By enabling us to succeed, … this Caspian oil shall enable
us to change our societies. … These changes shall improve our ways
of living - … intelligence shall play major role in our daily lifes
in the future - … it is not the question of “Should we accept this
Caspian oil?”, but … it is the question of “When and how we let this
Caspian oil to help us”; … how the Caspian oil shall affect us, this
is all up to its wise caretakers, … those who by their generosity
shall enable others to transform themselves. … No improvement is too
small or too big, no caretaker is too strong or too weak … We are
Ones who can accept or reject intelligence - …we are ones who shall
enable this transformation.

Right, we may not know what happens in the future, right, we
may not know what technologies shall be most successful, … right, we
may not know what intelligence approaches shall be most beneficial,
…right, we may not predict the future with 100 % certainty, …
right, we can only imagine - and what a wonderful gift it is for us and
this Caspian oil … right, we can change the future by innovating and
adopting these technologies … right, we can steer and guide the flow
of this Caspian oil … our adoption of these trees and branches shall
enable us to harness energies of this Caspian oil.

Why are we developing? Why are we using our energies to
improve? And why this comes so naturally to us… ? … The way the
Caspian oil is going to help us to improve our lifes … The way we
want our energies to be utilized to improve us … Yes … improve us
now and in the future; all of future generations; … this shall be
dependent on our imagination, willingness to commit our energies, …
willingness to succeed by planting new intelligence trees - taller than
those existing ones … Yes, this is all up to us - the Caspian oil’s
caretakers - more committed we are to this Caspian oil … more
successful our Caspian oil will be … and more successful we shall be
in the future.

While the Caspian oil’s flow will not be always without some
obstacles, … the Caspian oil’s flow shall be upward - this upward
spiral of unlimited energy. … By harnessing energies of this Caspian
oil by innovating and implementing solutions, … we shall create the
transformation of our lifes and societies … - having the objective of
an on-going quality improvement of our minds and spirits, … our
minds shall enable this digital transformation, while our spirits shall
take it through … all obstacles and barriers that are set by those
unfortunate ones. … While our hearts shall maintain our commitment to
this Caspian oil, … our souls shall enable us to go higher and
higher achieving those visions of our dreams. … Intelligence is one
step in the positive direction; this is also the step to undiscovered

We shall enable this fabulous Caspian oil, and it shall enable
our future happiness; …We shall enable this free flow of energies,
ideas and imagination, and it shall enable our competitiveness; … We
shall nurture all newly planted trees and flowers, and they shall
provide joy for us and next generations; … We shall teach our friends
to become caretakers and nurture new growth, and they shall be our
friends forever; … We shall protect this Caspian oil against those
who set selfish obstacles, and this Caspian oil shall protect us; …We
shall learn from this Caspian oil and its surroundings, and it shall
teach us everything; … We shall help this Caspian oil to change us,
and this Caspian oil shall help us to improve our satisfaction; …
We shall accept intelligence, and intelligence shall enable us to be
more competitive and satisfied.

While we know that many interested stakeholders have heard this
message, … there is the majority of those who have not heard and
studied it yet - but they will… There are those who have been ignored
or whose energies have not been high enough … to reach these
beautiful beaches and to flow with this mass of energetic and dynamic
fluid. … While it may be chaotic and may require the great effort to
reach all unreached souls, … it is the benefit of the Caspian oil’s
generous supporters to make every effort to enable this evolution. …
One can only imagine how far this message has to be delivered and when
it gets there, … but when it does, it shall have fundamental impacts
on everybody affected by its energies. … It is the benefit of all
caretakers to ensure that this intelligence message reaches its widest
audience. …


My God…you have no idea about how obsessed I was over the Caspian sea and it’s international naval security issues…it’s more than oil I promise you.

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I wanted to operate station out of Baku Azerbaijan to promote intellegence and security in the region of the Caspian Sea to make sure Russian mobsters didn’t give the Iranians a nuke and sail it on down to Iran via the caspian sea.

I was never chosen for the station, but I always wanted it.

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Yeah I think I couldn’t class with the station heads and his forces. Cause I know how to scuba dive, but I’m not navy spec ops or CIA related and for the longest time I wanted to see azerbaijan and live in baku under the cover of a laundrymat that sold ecstasy. We would tap into the underground trafficking scene and see who was moving what. Point head stuff…but the point of the story is I don’t know the language or turkish. I’d have to learn and be fluent in the language.

Then our counter terrorist forces would work at a cymbal foundry near the docks of azerbaijan. They’d make cymbals and shaped charges to take out enemy trafficking nuclear weapons. Send in the dive teams with their draeger rebreathers recover it, and have the nuke confiscated and take the matters up to NATO.

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I know how much oil the caspian sea has and how america has to get to it before it becomes militarized by another nation like russia. We want that fricking oil you know.

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Some delicious sturgeon live in the caspian.

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Loads of abalone

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Betcha if stuff hits the fan there’s going to be alot of Ruskies over on the caspian sea.

As for me I prefer deep fried cod and walleye, that is-if you do it right with the batter.

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