Poem: Caribbean

Taking a cruise
to Caribbean on the ship
heading toward the islands
first to Jamaica
in the sunshine
laying on the deck
with a drink
staying in Jamaica for a day
somebody got stoned
traveling in the mind
leaving again on the ship
in the beautiful Carribean sunset
heading to Grand Cayman
arrive at the port for a day
taking a local bus to the Devil’s place
enjoying the Sun, burning
heading to the port again
traveling on a little boat
to swim with stingrays
in the clear waters of the Caribbean
in the sunshine, burning
back again on the ship
just in time to eat the dinner
as always delightful
spending the night partying in the disco
sleeping to wake up in Cancun, Mexico
on the port again
walking, renting a scooter
riding around Cancun
to the temples of ancient warriors
to the places of the past powers
riding to places not seeing yet
and back to the port, to the ship again
ready for another evening, another night
meeting people, see young, old people
dancing, partying
enjoying the Caribbean sunset over the sea
enjoying the life, living at this moment
only to arrive back at the first port
from the Caribbean
from its beauty
from its wonders
feeling the moment
being happy again
now and in the future.

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